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We all understand the problem; dental caries is the number one disease in the United States and it is growing in all age groups. While restoring the teeth to function is absolutely essential, diagnosing and treating the underlying cause of the disease is the next step in the evolution of dental care. In order to effectively treat dental caries, not only must we restore the teeth to function, but the dental biofilm needs to be restored to health and the pH dysfunction corrected.


The team at CariFree is here to assist you in designing your ideal caries management protocol and targeting the specific patient group you wish to diagnose and treat.


CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) is a proven method for diagnosing individual patient risk and identifying the underlying cause of a patient’s diseases state. With CariFree’s simple CAMBRA assessment forms and a quick chair-side biofilm screening test, dental professionals can begin providing a new level of patient care.

The primary goal of CariFree is to provide the dental professional with the tools and information to take that next evolutionary step toward providing patient wellness care.  We understand that this type of care is not for every dental practice. But, for those practices looking to alter the disease cycle for their patients, CariFree’s systems, screening process, and products can be a powerful tool.


We have two systems designed to meet a practice’s specific caries management requirements.

Our Screening and Treatment System is based on standardized CAMBRA protocols for caries risk assessment, and assesses risk based on biofilm testing, risk assessment, and disease indicators.

Our Treatment System is designed for practices looking for new options for their known high risk patients with existing decay, or a history of decay.


CariFree treatment products have been specifically designed to alter the oral environment and offset patient risk factors for the biofilm pH dysfunction. We have designed professional home care kits for each specific risk level (low, moderate, high, and extreme) and worked to make the process simple and effective for the patient base entrusting you with their long term oral wellness.

Our mission is to work with dental teams who recognize the epidemic and wish to be a part of the solution.  We invite you to join us on this rewarding journey.