Felicia Davis Langston


We find the rinse incredibly helpful for patient with implants.  They are able to clean, with the water pik, around those implants or inflamed areas and resolve the inflammation.
PRO | CTx4 Treatment Rinse



Like your CTx3 gel but would really like to see you develop a gel with the nano technology that doesn’t contain irritating preservatives such as potassium sorbate and drop artificial flavors in favor of natural sweeteners such as stevia. I think if you had a slightly more ‘natural’ version of same product your market share would increase even more. Hope you continue to innovate and formulate and re- formulate cutting edge dental products...
CTx3 Gel

Debra N.


My daughter and I have been using your CTx3 Rinse for over a year, and we both love it. We get it thru Subscribe & Save on Amazon. I decided to try your CTx4 Gel 1100, thinking I would love it, as well. I do not care for the gel, at all. I don't mind the taste, and I like the packaging, but it isn't cleaning my teeth. After brushing, I use a gum stimulator, and I am scraping sticky plaque off my teeth. I have never had so much stuck on plaque in my life. If I use baking soda to brush my teeth, every few days, I brush it off. But, I want a toothpaste that is cleaning my teeth, and making them feel clean. I have given it about 3 weeks, and I just don't like it. We will continue using your rinse, though.
CTx3 Rinse

Diane C.


My perio-hygienist recommended your rinse and gave me a sample. I have been using this for 6 months now, and my teeth have never looked so good. While I don't have big concerns of cavities, I do have gum issues and see the perio every three months. My cleanings are quicker as nothing seems to stick, no staining from coffee or tea, I love it. I have recommended your product to co-workers (they love it, too) and to parents (I work at a K-8 school).
CTx4 Treatment Rinse

All Smiles Care


We have been using CariFree for a few years at All Smiles Care. It's an easy system to use to swab the patient and check their acidity level. We have a few patients on it that used to have decay every visit that now no longer have decay. The patients are pleased and say that their mouths feel a lot cleaner than they used to before CariFree. Very sticky plaque that wouldn't come off with the normal brushing and flossing for these patients came off easily with the CariFree system. https://www.allsmilescare.com/  
PRO | CariScreen Testing Meter

Marsha H


After suffering from dry mouth and being diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, my dentist recommended using Carifree products. I have been using Carifree since and have had good dental check ups.
CTx4 Gel 1100 .24%

JoAnne G


I've been using the gel along with the rinse and have been getting great comments when the hygienist does my cleaning, which has also been painless!
CTx3 Gel

Michael P


I have been using the gel and rinse for over a year now and the improvement is remarkable. It is almost a pleasure to visit my dentist now
CTx3 Gel

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