Sandra K


I love this product because it has it all - xylitol, fluoride, hydroxyapatite and ph balancing. I did have to change my routine a bit as leaving the fluoride rinse on my teeth was causing pretty bad staining but since I have switched to using the rinse before I brush that issue has been resolved.

Lawrence A


Convenient for daytime use

Kathryn S


The gum has great flavor, and I love the feeling that it's actually good for my teeth. Xylitol tends to make the flavor not last as long, but that doesn't typically bother me. I found it's a great substitute to other traditional gums that tend to have lots of chemicals and bad things in them. A little pricey, but I figure the 12-cents for one piece is better than what the price of a snack would be (especially since this is for my teeth!)

Rebecca H


My dentist recommended this rinse to me to help prevent cavities. I have been using it for over a year and have had no cavities! Great product!<strong> </strong>

Larry M


My dentist turned me on to this, I have a disease that makes my bones and teeth soft so is really a comfort to know that I have protection when I go to bed at night.

Diana C


My husband and I both use this gel and have had great results. I have tried many different tooth cleaners, but like this product the best by far. Thank you for making it available!

Terri M


The mint is light and refreshing.

Dr. Quinn Schiffman


I think that the CariFree rinses are the best acid reducing rinses that I have seen. I like that the CTx4 Treatment Rinse has the additional benefits of fluoride and xylitol that you can't get in most over the counter products. Thanks for producing these products.

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