Why Me?

Do you dread visiting the dentist? Are you the poster child for proper brushing and flossing technique, only to find your efforts do not produce the desired result—a cavity-free smile? Are you tired of the endless cycle of filling cavities, just to find more cavities pop up? Do you find yourself asking, “Why me?”

If you struggle to maintain your oral health or simply want to understand more about how dental caries (cavities) develop, this book is for you. Using the best science in the field of caries research and personalized medicine, Dr. Kutsch offers a detailed look at the causes behind your specific issues and why addressing only the symptoms isn’t effective.


By looking at the actual process of how the dental caries disease begins, takes hold, and develops, this book helps you understand your specific risk factors, the individual ways your health is
affected, and how those risk factors influence your daily oral health. Inside, you’ll find the tools to have a meaningful conversation with your dental care team about improving your oral health and treatment outcomes. These tools and checklists will let you build an action plan to become cavity-free and stay that way!

If your goal is to be free of cavities, this book will help put you on the right path. Are you ready to stop asking “why me” and live a cavity-free life?

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