Data study

CAMBRA Practice Research Group

The CAMBRA Practice Research Group is a group of independent dental practices volunteering to submit data collected for the following purposes:
  • Determine Levels of Caries Risk- Determine the level of caries risk that patients have using the CariFree Rapid Diagnostic System over a general patient population and subsets of that population.
  • Understand Patient Behavior- After a patient knows their risk level for dental caries, the study will provide understanding of patients behavior as to their selections of treatment options of proactive, conservative, or decline.
  • Understand Patient Behavior Over Time- Does the use of CAMBRA over time change the choices patients make as to treatment selections of proactive, conservative, or decline.
  • Does CAMBRA Improve Patients Taking Responsibility as to Dental Caries- Does the CAMBRA approach help change the conversation between the dentist and the patient so as to move more of the resposibility for the occurence of dental caries to the patient.
Copy of Form Used

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Current Data


Participating Practices

Dr. Mary Kingery, Kingery & Kingery

Dr. Brian Roberts, Ash & Roberts DDS

Dr. Steve Ash, Ash & Roberts DDS

Dr. Michael Young, Forever Young Dentistry

Dr. Sean Rockwell, Rockwell Family Dental


If you are a practice using CariFree Screening and Treatment System and are interested in joining our Research Group, email or call us at 866.928.4445.