3 Qualities the Best Gum Should Have

Not all chewing gum is created equal. The key factors differentiating bad gum from good gum from the best gum are far more important than tutti-frutti or peppermint. There are lots of reasons to consider a gum good. It might have good flavors, make excellent bubbles, be made with only all natural ingredients, or have any of a number of other appealing qualities. Although many qualities can make a gum good, there are three qualities that help distinguish good gum from the best gums.


#1- Breath Freshening Power

Most people chewing gum are looking to freshen up their breath with their gum chewing habit. In fact, the gum industry regularly recommends their products as a solution to the bad breath menace. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends gum over mints for breath freshening since the chewing action of enjoying gum can help tooth health.

Personal preference usually wins the day when choosing a gum flavor. Still, most people who have considered the question find that mint and cinnamon are the most efficient breath fresheners. Citrus gums tend to be weaker in aroma and less able to replace other smells.


#2- Fights Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is quite uncomfortable, but that discomfort is not the worst of it. The lack of saliva leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities and your gums susceptible to infection. Dry mouth can be caused by medications, related to seasonal allergies, or even just an occasional happening from diet or not drinking enough water.

The very action of chewing stimulates the salivary glands, letting your body fight dry mouth with its own natural defenses. Avoid any gum with an irritating flavor that dries out your mouth.


#3- Knocks Down Cavities

Sugary gum can cause sugary problems. Bathing your teeth in sugar-feeding plaque acids by chewing sugar-sweetened gum is a recipe for disaster (and constant cavities). However, studies have shown that sugar-free gum can actually reduce the incidence of cavities.

Chewing sugar free gum for 20 minutes after eating is recommended to reduce cavity risk. But, even among sugar free gums, some are better for your teeth than others. The sweetener makes all the difference.

Xylitol, used in CariFree’s CTx2 Xylitol Gum, has been studied and shown to actively deter cavities. It cannot be metabolized by the bacteria that most commonly causes cavities, causing the bacteria to starve to death. Xylitol also has been shown to help remineralize teeth, helping rebuild tooth enamel structure. Xylitol also is derived from natural sources, rather than artificially manufactured.


Chewing gum can be more than a simple habit. It can be a simple habit that can improve your oral health, as long as you focus on chewing the right gum. Simple choices can make all the difference.

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