Patient Success Story – “You Have Changed My Life”

The following is a letter sent to CariFree from Stacey Espe, RDH

Dr. Kutsch and Cody,

My daughter and I have both been using the CariFree products and we are both still cavity-free.  I cannot thank you enough for developing this product.

I have implemented the CariFree system in my office.  Last week, the first person I put on the product came back and his mouth was completely transformed.  He is in his mid 50’s and he had tetracycline stain.  Dr. Dankworth did full mouth veneers and crowns on him about 5 years ago.  He does not struggle with decay, but he does constantly struggle with periodontal disease.  I saw him for his 6 week appointment after another hygienist did his periotherapy.  When I did his pocket measurements he had 4-7 mm pockets with the majority of his pockets on the lingual surfaces. The patient did not have a lot of tarter buildup with the exception of his lower anteriors.

My patient always builds a ton of tarter on his lower anteriors (see attached pictures).  He says that sometimes after we clean his teeth the tarter buildup is back within 2-3 days.  Sometimes my patient would come in every 2 months to get his teeth cleaned because his lower anterior tarter build up bothered him so much.  This patient was extremely frustrated that he had not healed from his periotherapy.

stacey blog post 9%EF%80%A217 before image 1I decided to have him fill out the CariFree risk assessment form.  He has acid reflux and also suffers from dry mouth.  I did not do the CariFree swab test on him since I had already started cleaning, but I just assumed that he would be above 1500.  I decided to put my patient on the CTx36 Kit.

He came back in 4 weeks and we were going to do periotherapy.  When I saw him for his appointment, he said,

“You are not going to believe how my mouth looks.  I have no tartar buildup on my lower teeth…you have changed my life.”

I was so excited to look in his mouth.  It was true my patient that always struggles with tarter build up on his lower anteriors had ZERO tarter build up.  I have been cleaning his teeth for over 5 years and I have never seen his teeth look so clean.


stacey blog post 9%EF%80%A217 after image 2

But it doesn’t stop there.  I redid his perio charting from his last appointment 4 weeks ago where he had 4-7 mm pockets and his deepest pocket was a 4! And he had no bleeding. (see attached perio chart comparison.) He was thrilled and so was I.

We decided not to do periotherapy that day and we are going to see him in 2 more months and reevaluate his mouth.  I am so extremely excited to be recommending the CariFree products to all of my patients.  This product is going to change the world!!!

Perio Chart blog

I am so in love with the CariFree products and I believe in it 100%.  I would love to get more offices in my area using the CariFree product.  If you ever need a trainer in the San Diego area please let me know. I believe that all offices should be performing the CariFree assessment on all patients, as it is a life changing product.  Thank you again and I look forward to talking with you soon.



Stacey Espe, RDH

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