Oral Health and Women

The Female Factor

It’s a little hackneyed, a little cliched, to talk about how different women and men can be. There are numerous ways that women and men are similar. When it comes to oral health, it’s easy to think that teeth are teeth, so there should be no differences between a woman’s dental care needs and a man’s. As it turns out, there are some times when women deserve some extra attention to keep gums and teeth healthy.


A Growing Concern

Pregnancy puts a lot of demands on the body, and some of those increased demands directly affect oral health. The body needs additional calcium to support the developing bones of the growing baby. If the diet cannot supply it, the body will take it from anywhere it can, including the pregnant woman’s teeth.


Additionally, the hormone shifts caused by pregnancy change the pH of the mouth. Unfortunately, they generally make the mouth more acidic. Combine this hormone driven change with the increase in acid that accompanies eating small, frequent meals, a common eating pattern for pregnant women, and you have a recipe for a very acidic environment. It’s important to correct a low (acidic) pH in the mouth to prevent mineral loss of the tooth surfaces.


Happily, CariFree products are formulated to correct just these sorts of issues. The CTx3 Rinse can correct a pH imbalance after eating, as can the gum. The CTx2 Xylitol Gum may also ameliorate morning sickness and provide tooth benefits instead of contributing to tooth depletion. CariFree gels can help remineralize teeth, aiding in the quest to keep demineralized areas from becoming full cavities.



Shifting Situations

Other times of major hormone shifts can cause similar acid shifts in the mouth, notably the hormone shift associated with menopause or those common during times of breastfeeding. It is equally important to address the oral pH at these times to keep teeth and gums healthy. CariFree products can be of help with this effort.


Mind Your Meds

Women should also bear in mind that many medications, including many forms of oral contraceptives, commonly cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is not just unpleasant. Saliva is the mouth’s natural protective mechanism, and a lack of it speeds tooth decay and gum disease. If medication is causing dry mouth, CariFree CTx2 Spray can provide relief, which should alleviate the discomfort while helping stop the damage process.


The Takeaway

With a little thought and attention to how overall health is affecting the condition of your mouth, the specifically female dental concerns need not be cause for panic. Active management can mitigate risks and help preserve a beautiful smile.

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