When using the CariFree products together, we recommend following the below instructions for best results, which may differ slightly from directions printed on the packaging.

Rinse First, Brush Second

With all of the CariFree rinses and gels, we recommend rinsing first, brushing second. For maximum effectiveness, rinse and brush daily and wait 30-60 minutes after brushing before rinsing with water, eating or drinking.

Please note that the Treatment Rinse can cause your teeth to be more susceptible to staining so it is especially important to wait 30-60 minutes before eating or drinking, particularly staining agents like coffee, tea, berries, etc.

Are you using any other CariFree products?

Items such as our moisturizing Spray and Xylitol Gum can be used as needed throughout the day, and are especially beneficial after a meal when you’re not able to rinse or brush.

What Makes CariFree Unique and Effective?

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