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Do you ever wonder why some people continue to get cavities despite meticulous oral hygiene whereas others who rarely brush and floss do not? Can a person really be cavity prone? Cavities are caused by a bacterial imbalance in your mouth, and when dentists drill and fill cavities, they are only treating the result of the infection, not the imbalance itself—and the decay returns.

For many, it’s a frustrating, reactive approach to oral health, but not surprising. Until recently, dentists were taught that if you remove bacteria with good oral hygiene, you’ll be free of decay. The problem is that it’s just not that simple. CariFree elevated pH products neutralize decay-causing acids and fix your decay problem at its source. Safe to use every day, our non-abrasive products are highly effective and scientifically proven to prevent cavities through remineralization.

Science-Based Treatment

CariFree offers a complete blueprint for remineralization and cavity prevention, including:

  • pH Neutralization
  • Xylitol
  • Antibacterial
  • Fluoride
  • Nano Hydroxyapatite
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Risk & Protective Factors

Do you know your risk and protective factors for tooth decay? The three root causes of nearly all dental disease are saliva issues, frequent snacking, and a poor home care routine. Likewise, just as a healthy diet and exercise serve as protective factors against heart disease, a number of protective therapy recommendations can correct a bacterial imbalance and protect your teeth from issues in the future. An approach like CRM™ (Caries Risk Management) is focused on finding the source of the problem rather than treating symptoms as they flare up. It looks at the patient’s risk factors and focuses on addressing those factors, thereby interrupting the disease process before caries develop and threaten oral health.

Take our risk quiz to uncover your risk level and product recommendations!

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What Patients Are Saying
“I have been suffering from frequent cavities over the last few years and this is the only relief I have found. Since starting the program I have had no new cavities, and my dentist says he has seen an improvement in areas of the teeth which were 'watch areas' with thin enamel before starting the program. Keep the products coming!”
Andy R.
Treatment Rinse | Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash

Our Products

Browse our recommended treatments and begin healing the infection, minimizing the risk factors, and balancing your oral bacteria.


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