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Perio Disinfection Protocol | Wellness Dentistry Network, Dr. Doug Thompson

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Periodontal Disinfection Strategies That Work Webinar with Dr. Doug Thompson

Periodontal Disinfection Strategies that Work Webinar Q&A 


What is the Wellness Dentistry Network?

The Wellness Dentistry Network (WDN) was founded in 2015 by Dr. Doug Thompson from his direct experience of how dentists can transform their practices by expanding the role they play in the overall health and wellness of their patients. Dr. Thompson believes in an interdisciplinary treatment model that coordinates dental care with other medical practitioners for total body healthcare for his patients. He employs advanced DNA bacterial testing methods and other leading-edge dental science to enable early risk assessment and personalized treatment planning.

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CTx4 Treatment Rinse

CTx4 Pre-Rinse

What Dentists Are Saying
“Over the past several years my team has learned that controlling biofilm and biofilm diseases is the future of disease management for our patients. Caries and periodontal disease are caused and fueled by bacteria that flourish due to our personalized environmental and genetic susceptibilities. Bacteria load control is going to be a mainstay of winning this battle. Thank you for CariFree for providing a disinfectant with biofilm penetration properties and a nonselective kill approach for effective biofilm management. My patients, my practice, and my team are all healthier using CariFree as part of our disease management protocols.”
Doug Thompson, DDS
PRO | CTx4 Treatment Rinse

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