Social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can do three very important things for your practice.

  1. Build Customer relationships - Social media enables you to talk to your customers as individuals.  Not only can you provide relevant and useful content, but relate the “why” behind what you do and why your practice cares about your patients.
  2. Enhance your knowledge - Often what we think our customers want and expect isn’t reality. Use social media to ask questions about what they want and what they expect from their dental home.
  3. Get fast feedback - Gone are the days when you’d spend two weeks gathering enough data via questionnaires and interviews to judge a single aspect of your business. When you share case examples of what you have done to change people’s lives, demonstrating not only a more beautiful smile but a healthier smile… you patients will respond!

Not sure how to get started? Try one of our prewritten and customizable Facebook Posts. Make sure to let us know when you put them up!

Facebook posts

Did You Know (Facts)

  1. Did you know that dental caries (cavities) are caused by a bacterial infection?
  2. Did you know the bacteria that cause cavities are transmissible?
  3. Did you know the #1 way to reduce your chances of getting cavities is to manage your pH?
  4. Are you in balance? Come on in today to see what your risk for developing a new cavity is in the next year.  It is free and painless!
  5. Did you know thousands of prescription and over the counter medications can increase your risk for getting cavities?  Ask us today if you might be at increased risk.


Ask question early in the day and after receiving answers, post the real answer.  You can also incorporate a giveaway- for the first correct answer perhaps they win something at their next appointment.

  1. Test your cavity knowledge!  What is the critical pH point where teeth start to decay? Answer: At a pH of 5.5
  2. Did you know there is a sugar that actually prevents cavities?  Do you know what it is? Answer: Xylitol
  3. Question: Which is worse A. eating a sugary snack at 10am or B. Nibbling on dried fruits and nuts from 10am-noon?

Answer B.  It is all about how often and how long your pH drops.  It is better to eat any snack in a short amount of time than to nibble and keep the pH low for a long period.

  1. Question: Can you name all 5 key treatment components of a great anti-cavity product?  We will give you one freebie: Fluoride
    1. Nano HA
    2. Elevated pH
    3. Xylitol
    4. Antimicrobial

True or False: If I want to stop getting cavities I should simply brush and floss more!

Answer: False

Brushing and flossing alone do not kill the bacteria that are the real cause of decay. Dental Caries is a very complex biofilm infection. It is more than lack of home hygiene that puts you at risk for the disease. Come on in for your Caries Risk Assessment to find out the real reason you are getting decay!