Remineralize Your Teeth and Say Goodbye to Cavities

What if you could be done with cavities completely?

What if you were done with agonizing trips to the dentist full of disappointment and frustration when you hear that your brushing and flossing hasn’t been enough? What if you could avoid the seemingly endless cycle of drilling out and filling up a problem that has already developed? What if you could be done with cavities? What if you could stop reacting to cavities and start proactively treating caries disease?


The Cavity

Cavities are a hole in the tooth. That’s why the treatment is to fill them back up with a substance, generally metal or resin, to restore the tooth’s strength. Filling a tooth is an effort to replace what was lost, and thats why it’s a reactive treatment. Instead of constantly reacting to cavities, it’s time to shift your focus to remineralization and proactively treating the disease process that causes cavities.


The Tooth

Your tooth is made up of layers. At the heart of it is the pulp layer containing a nerve and blood vessels. That is surrounded by dentin. These delicate inner layers are surrounded by a hard outer shell called enamel. It’s hard so it can protect the tooth structures underneath, and minerals are what makes it so hard.


 The Enamel

Hydroxyapatite is a type of mineral that makes up most of the tooth surface. The mineral contains calcium, which you can take in through food. Some foods can increase the calcium available to build tooth enamel or strengthen existing tooth enamel. For example, milk and cheese both have been shown to help increase minerals available for healthy teeth.


The Acid Effect

Eating has a huge impact on your teeth. When you eat, the pH levels of your mouth drops and becomes more acidic. In a healthy mouth, the saliva raises the pH levels back up shortly after eating. If there is a problem—lack of saliva, too much bacteria, not enough time between meals—the mouth can remain acidic too long, dissolving minerals out of the enamel surface. The missing minerals cause weak spots which can progress to cavities if the mineral loss remains unchecked.


The Minerals

Replacing minerals does not need to be the job of food alone. Remineralizing oral care products can be a hugely effective weapon in the battle against cavities. Products containing nano hydroxyapatite can rebuild the surface of tooth enamel, reducing long term cavity development. Using a product that combines fluoride with nano hydroxyapatite can further improve remineralization and tooth health.


The Takeaway

Mineral therapy for your teeth can fill in holes that will develop into full cavities. If you want to interrupt the cycle of drill and fill, try adopting a new strategy that treats the underlying disease process.


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