CTx36 Kit with CTx4 Gel 1100

3-month supply of products designed to treat extreme risk patients.

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Use the links to learn more about the products in this kit and view the kit instructional insert.


What Customers Are Saying
“Not much more I can add to all of the very positive reviews. I'll just re-iterate something. This stuff *works.* I had a couple of cavities show up after years of no cavities. My mouth acidity level was off the chart. CariFree's product eliminated this issue. I just had my teeth cleaned after about a half year of using CariFree's products and everything looks outstanding. Thank you CariFree!”
Matthew K. from Virginia
CTx36 Kit with CTx4 Gel 1100
CTx36 Kit with CTx4 Gel 1100 CTx26 Kit with CTx4 Gel 1100
Supply 3 months 3 months
Patient risk Extreme Risk High Risk
Reduces the oral bacterial bio-burden (antibacterial)
Fluoride for remineralization
Patented pH+ technology
Flavors Mint, Citrus/Apple Mint, Citrus/Apple

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