Why Many Oral Care Products Fail and What You Can Do About It

It’s unbelievably frustrating. You brushed, twice a day, every day. You flossed every morning. You did everything you could to avoid bad news in the dental chair. Yet, here you are at your six-month check-up listening to the rundown of bad news again. Why, if you are doing everything right, aren’t you getting better results?

The answer may lie in your medicine cabinet. It’s possible that your oral care products, your toothpaste and mouthwash, are letting you down on a daily basis. The sad truth of the matter is that many oral care products, despite 100 years of progress, still fail many people by not doing enough to help build and preserve oral health.


Problem: They have fluoride, but only fluoride, to improve tooth strength

Fluoride is important for oral health. In fact, public water fluoridation is considered one of the great public health victories of the 20th century. Fluoride in toothpaste helps keep fluoride available for the teeth, which in turn can help strengthen enamel by remineralizing it. But, fluoride isn’t the actual mineral structure of the teeth. Your toothpaste may not be supplying enough building blocks to strengthen your enamel.


Switch to a toothpaste or gel with nano hydroxyapatite. Bio-identical minerals can help re-harden weakened enamel, repairing tooth surfaces, particularly when in combination with fluoride. CariFree CTx4 1100 Gel contains active fluoride and nano hydroxyapatite to provide maximum enamel strengthening benefits.


Problem: Your alcohol-containing mouthwash is worsening your dry mouth.

Dry mouth, not enough or absent saliva, is a serious risk factor for cavities. Saliva is the mouth’s natural defense factor against invaders, including cavity-causing bacteria. A lack of it leaves your teeth undefended against those bacteria. So, while the tingle of the alcohol mouthwash may feel fresh for a moment while you rinse, it’s likely to leave your mouth far less fresh than before you rinsed.


Mouthwash can be rehydrating, actively helping you in the fight against dry mouth. Be sure to stick with an alcohol-free mouthwash, preferably one formulated specifically to fight dry mouth. CariFree CTx3 Rinse can help you keep your mouth fresh and hydrated without the drying effects of alcohol.


Problem: Your oral care products do nothing about your mouth’s pH level

Cavity causing bacteria thrive at low, acidic pH. Your mouth is healthiest at a higher, more neutral pH. Eating and drinking beverages other than plain water lowers the pH of your mouth, making it a more favorable environment for cavity causing bacteria and dissolving the minerals from the surface of the tooth enamel.


Use products designed to restore a healthy, natural pH. CariFree products are specifically formulated to keep oral pH levels healthy. Some of them also have bio-available nano hydroxyapatite to aid in remineralizing enamel that has been softened by food acids.



Making smarter choices about your oral care products can help you enjoy healthier, more successful dental visits. Toothbrushes have come a long way in the last few decades; it’s easy to observe from their designs. We should expect no less from our other oral care products.

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