OHSU Orthodontic ATP Study

ATP Bioluminescence: Quantitative Assessment of Plaque Bacteria Surrounding Orthodontic Appliances; R Sauerwein, P Pellegrini, T Finlayson, J Kimmell, I Kasimi, D Covell Jr, T Maier, CA Machida, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA



Plaque Retention by Self-Ligating vs Elastomeric Orthodontic Brackets: Quantitative Comparison of Oral Bacteria and Detection with Adenosine Triphosphate-Driven Bioluminescence

Introduction: Enamel decalcification is a common problem in orthodontics. The objectives of this randomized clinical study were to enumerate and compare plaque bacteria surrounding 2 bracket types, self-ligating (SL) vs elastomeric ligating (E), and to determine whether adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-driven bioluminescence could be used for rapid assessment of bacterial load in plaque. Methods: Patients (ages, 11-17 years) were bonded with SL and E brackets in 14 maxillary and 12 mandibular arches by using a split-mouth design. Recall visits were at 1 week and 5 weeks after bonding. Plaque specimens were assayed for oral bacteria and subjected to ATP-driven bioluminescence determinations with a luciferin-based assay. Results: In most patients, teeth bonded with SL attachments had fewer bacteria in plaque than did teeth bonded with E brackets. At 1 and 5 weeks after bonding, the means for SL vs E brackets were statistically lower for total bacteria and oral streptococci (P\0.05). ATP bioluminescence values were statistically correlated to the total oral bacteria and oral streptococci, with correlation coefficients of 0.895 and 0.843, respectively. Conclusions: SL appliances promote reduced retention of oral bacteria, and ATP bioluminescence might be a useful tool in the rapid quantification of bacterial load and the assessment of oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. (Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2009;135:426.e1–426.e9)



CariScreen Caries Risk Validation


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