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What is Nano Hydroxyapatite?

Nano hydroxyapatite: when you come across it, it looks like it just escaped from a chemistry textbook or an explanation of exotic cave formations. But, it’s actually something much closer to home. Hydroxyapatite is the mineral that makes up 60-70% of bones and 90% of tooth enamel. Nano hydroxyapatite is the same mineral, made in a lab, that can be used by the body to replenish lost enamel minerals and encourage new bone growth and development.


But I thought bones were made of calcium?

Bones are made of calcium, as is tooth enamel. But, free calcium is not the version of calcium that your body can use. Nano hydroxyapatite is bio available, meaning it’s already in the form your body needs to use it. So, while drinking milk provides your body with calcium it can process into a usable form, nano hydroxyapatite is already useable.


So what can nano hydroxyapatite do to help?

Few materials have shown as much promise for improving dental materials and minerals as nano hydroxyapatite. It’s a remarkably well studied material, and the news from the studies is good. When nano hydroxyapatite is combined with with glass ionomers, it makes the material stronger and lets it hold up better under pressure (like the pressure caused by biting and chewing). This is helping develop better materials for fillings when fillings become unavoidable.

Nano hydroxyapatite can be applied to the surface of implant posts. Doing so appears to stimulate bone growth of the existing bone surface, leading to improved outcomes for dental surgery.

You don’t need to have major issues to see the benefits of nano hydroxyapatite. Studies have shown using a tooth gel containing it after tooth whitening can greatly reduce the number of sensitive days and the discomfort of those days. It also has been shown in studies to be at least as effective and often more effective in remineralizing teeth than traditional fluoride treatments.


Okay, so where do I get it and how do I use it?

Nano hydroxyapatite is most effective at remineralization when it’s already present in the mouth when oral pH drops. Oral pH drops after eating and drinking (other than plain water). If you are using it to heal early tooth lesions, it’s best to use it every day in your oral care products to ensure it is readily available for uptake.

CariFree tooth gels are formulated with bio available nano hydroxyapatite. They are a valuable tool in maintaining a healthy oral environment. Talk to your dentist about using CariFree tooth gels not just for cleansing, but also in trays as a sensitivity prevention treatment following professional tooth whitening.


For more reading on study findings related to nano hydroxyapatite, check out this summary of major study findings on the subject.

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