12 Ways to Know if Your Cavity Treatment is Working

How do you know if your CariFree products are working? Often offices and patients experiencing the CariFree system for the first time are laser focused on ONE data point: The CariScreen reading. The CariScreen can be looked at much like a scale is during a diet. It is one number, but is limited in its ability to tell the whole story of the person’s level of health. A man can weigh 150 pounds but may have a genetic predisposition for heart disease, and may smoke and drink alcohol in excess. Where a man that is 250 pounds may have perfect cholesterol, blood pressure and diet. Long story short, it needs to be taken in context of the rest of the assessment.


While the reading IS important, as the biofilm challenge gives us great insight, it is not the ONLY factor to either diagnose the disease or determine when a patient is healthy. Of course, if you begin therapy with a high biofilm challenge, the long-term goal is to see that number decrease, but what else can we look for at the 3 month or 6 month mark to let us know the therapy is working?
Turns out, there are 11 other progress points to look for outside of the CariScreen reading.

  • Reduced biofilm challenge/plaque build-up

  • Lower CariScreen ATP test or CFU’s by culture

  • Lower decay rate

  • Remineralization of early white spot lesions or areas of demineralization

  • Improved visual soft tissue health and appearance

  • Decrease in bleeding gums when flossing or probing

  • Reduction in sensitivity

  • Decreased incidence of halitosis (bad breath)

  • A feeling of “cleaner” teeth

  • Reduced noticeable plaque build-up

  • “Hardening” of tooth enamel

  • Improved tooth luster


Setting realistic expectations and celebrating progress are as important to long term success on the program.

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