5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Good Oral Health

As we round up our list of things we are thankful for, family, friends and home are probably near the top of many people’s lists. It’s possible that, as you are pondering all your blessings, it may be easy to miss some of the good things in our lives. Oral health is definitely worth our gratitude, even though it can be easy overlook when everything is going well. Consider, as you count your blessings, 5 reasons to be thankful for good oral health.


#1 Eating is easy and tasty.

Good oral health and that beautiful roast bird are a match made in heaven. Your good oral health makes it possible to comfortably chew and eat a variety of foods. Taking the time to take great care of your teeth now pays a lifetime of dividends, too, by allowing you to keep your teeth well past your retirement. If you suffer from occasional sensitivity to hot or cold foods, CTx3 Rinse can help relieve sensitivity.


#2 Good oral health keeps your budget healthy, too.

Problems with your teeth are expensive, and putting off treating a small problem can quickly spiral into unbelievably expensive treatment plans. Good oral health allows you to avoid major problems by good daily hygiene habits and regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist. Although some of us may have been told in the past that cavities were sometimes unavoidable, a better understanding of the cavity process has allowed for better dental care products that seriously curtail the development of cavities even in vulnerable individuals. Avoid big expenses at the dentist through better oral health.


#3 You smile bigger, and have better self esteem.

Over and over, studies confirm that people with better satisfaction with their smiles have higher self esteem. Good oral health can keep those pearly whites pearly, increasing the beauty of your smile. Advances in oral health also have brought us tooth colored fillings, meaning a little dental work doesn’t mean the end of your pretty smile. Your confident, happy smile is something we can all be thankful for.

Thankful for Good Oral Health
#4 Better breath makes groups more pleasant.

Good oral health has improved our breath overall. That certainly makes big groups more pleasant.  Nothing can ruin breath faster than a cavity; the bacteria from a cavity can emit some unpleasant odors. Some good hygiene early on allows us to forego past generations perfume soaked handkerchiefs (which the bearer would breathe into to overpower unpleasant smells from other people).


#5 Your oral health helps your heart health.

The bacteria that cause cavities have also been found in the plaques around unhealthy blood vessels. Good oral health controls those bacteria, providing one less source of aggravation for your heart. Your heart can thank you for brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist with more heart-healthy years of life.

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