Why We Recommend CariFree Tooth Gels

Sometimes, you need a little extra support to keep your teeth healthy and at their best. If your dentist recommends a high fluoride toothpaste, you absolutely want to make the best choice in high fluoride toothpastes. While years ago, there may have only been one option, now there are newer products on the market that incorporate the latest research into preserving tooth health. It’s definitely worth a look to make sure that the prescription strength toothpaste you are investing in is working as hard as possible for you. Before you take a prescription for fluoride toothpaste to your pharmacy counter, consider what additional benefits CariFree Gels have to offer.


Nano Hydroxyapatite

Nano hydroxyapatite is the absorbable form of the mineral that makes up most of the tooth enamel surface. When using a prescription tooth gel to remineralize your teeth to heal and prevent future cavities, you should look for a product that will do everything possible to rebuild the tooth enamel. Nano hydroxyapatite in combination with fluoride is better at rebuilding enamel than fluoride alone. CariFree products contain scientifically proven levels of nano hydroxyapatite to aid in remineralizing teeth.



Xylitol is a naturally occurring non-nutritive sweetener. When xylitol is used instead of other non-nutritive sweeteners in oral care products, it provides serious benefits beyond merely making the products taste better. Cavity causing bacteria cannot use xylitol to live and grow, but they eat is, so they literally starve to death while feasting. Xylitol is a valuable tool in the decay fighting toolbox. CariFree products use xylitol to provide the most therapeutic benefits possible.


pH+ Technology

Low pH is brutal on tooth enamel. In a low pH, high acid environment, the minerals that make up tooth enamel dissolve out of the enamel, leaving it weak or gone altogether. Unfortunately, eating and drinking causes pH levels in the mouth to drop. CariFree products are formulated to raise oral pH. At high pH levels, tooth enamel can reabsorb minerals suspended in the saliva, strengthening and repairing itself.


Moistening for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a tooth killer. Saliva’s job is to protect teeth, both by washing away food debris and by bathing the teeth in a mineral-rich solution. When dry mouth takes over, food sticks around, feeding cavity causing bacteria. There aren’t minerals around waiting to repair weakened enamel. Because CariFree oral care products are formulated to increase oral moisture, they help proactively fight cavities by treating cavity causes.


You can purchase CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 on our website, or visit your CariFree dentist for CTx4 Gel 5000!

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