PRO | CTx7 Kit

A 1-month trial kit of our two most popular products, CTx3 Rinse and CTx4 Gel 5000. 3 kits per case.

Please note that this kit will be discontinued May 2021
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Use the links to learn more about the products in this kit and view the kit instructional insert.


Included in Kit

1 bottle CTx3 Rinse

1 tube CTx4 Gel 5000

CTx7 Kit Instruction Insert

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What Dentists Are Saying
“My patients enjoy the clean feeling they get after brushing. Most of the other gel prescription tooth pastes we have used for our patients have not had the same excellent results with sensitivity either. We do make our patients home fluoride trays and we use the Carifree CTx4 Gel 5000 exclusively as their protection.”
Debbie, RDH from California
PRO | CTx7 Kit
PRO | CTx7 Kit PRO | CTx21 Kit
Supply 1 month 3 month
Fluoride for remineralization
HA Nano for remineralization
Patented pH+ technology
Flavors Mint, Citrus Mint, Citrus

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