Are you one of the millions who has major anxiety about the dentist?

Does just the thought of finding out you have a cavity make you want to cancel every dental appointment? We get it. That’s why we make dental products that help stop the cycle of decay. While going to the dentist is necessary, CariFree can help ease the anxiety of your dental visits. Our elevated pH system attacks the root of the decay and is scientifically proven to balance bacteria levels for a healthy oral environment. If you are ready to try something that works because it is different, CariFree is all you need.


Want to get to know us better? Here is a look at our top-selling products!

CTx3 Rinse

This pH elevated mouth rinse boosts the mouth into the ‘safe-zone’  and stops cavity-causing bacteria from damaging the teeth. This alcohol-free rinse is recommended for ages 6+ and can be used to maintain long-term oral health.

CTx4 Gel 1100

A pH elevated toothpaste replacement that is gentle on enamel while providing essential minerals to assist the natural process of remineralization of the teeth. A great product for kids and adults!

CTx4 Treatment Rinse

CTx4 Treatment Rinse is like an antibiotic for fighting oral bacteria. It is designed to decrease the overall amount of bacteria and treat the infection that causes cavities (caries). It boosts the oral pH above the danger zone and is best for patients who are at risk for, or currently have cavities.



“I have had issues with cavities for a loooooooong time and tried everything. I got this from my dentist and it worked! I haven’t had a cavity in 2 years! Thank you.” — Leah H, CTx4 Treatment Rinse


“I have been using the mint flavored rinse for about 3 years and have not had any new cavities. Before I started using CariFree my Dentist bills were Huge. My Dentist is amazed.” — Stephen L, CTx3 Rinse


“Boring dental visits now! I used to visit the dentist every four months because I get cavities that often despite the fact that I flossed, brushed, and gargled everyday. Since I started using the CariFree products, my dentist visits have been quite boring. My dentist finally said that I don’t have to come every four months anymore. Yay! Thank you CariFree!” — Heather, CTx3 Rinse

Are You Ready?

CariFree’s pH elevated products are proven to treat the bacterial imbalance in your mouth—the underlying cause of all cavities.


Success Stories

Come read how CariFree has helped thousands of people who once believed they were “cavity-prone” break the frustrating cycle and finally visit the dentist free of decay.


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