Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity occurs when the tiny tubes, called tubules, that connect the inner layer of the enamel (dentin) to the inside of the tooth where the nerves live (the pulp) are exposed. When an aggravating substance reaches the nerve through the open tubules, it irritates the nerve, resulting in pain. Hot, cold, sweet, and acids can all cause aggravation to sensitive teeth, causing sufferers to have discomfort when eating and drinking or even when breathing in cold air. Thinning enamel, cracks from clenching and grinding, and receding gums are the most common reasons for tooth sensitivity.

Sensitive Teeth Causes

  • Clenching and grinding of teeth
  • Receding gums, from disease or orthodontic treatment
  • Enamel loss
  • Untreated cavities

Sensitive Teeth Treatment Options

  • Toothpaste with a desensitizing agent
  • Toothpaste that helps remineralize enamel
  • Bonding of exposed tooth surfaces
  • Treating caries

Common Questions About Sensitivity:

Does all sensitive tooth pain mean I have cavities?

Not necessarily. Although cavities frequently cause tooth pain, there are other causes. Of course, if you think you have a cavity you should see your dentist right away to treat it immediately and prevent worsening disease. Still, there are other possible causes of sensitive teeth symptoms.

It only hurts when I have cold, not hot drinks (or vice versa). Could that still be sensitive tooth pain?

Yes. Every person experiences sensitivity in their own way and has their own triggers. Some people may only have mild discomfort while others may have more pronounced pain. Some may have tooth sensitivity to cold substances while others are bothered by hot, sweets, acidic foods, or all of those.

Could my brushing technique be causing tooth sensitivity?

It’s quite possible. Brushing too hard or brushing with a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard can aggravate and injure gums, causing them to recede. Good brushing technique helps keep your gums healthy and allows them to protect the vulnerable tooth surfaces they were designed to cover.

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