The Benefits of Teledentistry: How Virtual Dentist Visits Are Improving Dental Services

Teledentistry is the range of technologies that give patients remote access to dental treatments. Technological advances have made it possible for patients to take a photo or video of their dental problem and send the image to their dentist. Dentists can also hold appointments via phone or video conferencing.

Once the dentist sees the problem tooth or teeth, they can make a diagnosis and prescribe medication to treat the ailment. Dentists can also tell their patients how to manage the condition until they can visit the office.

Popular Teledentistry Services

Most dental treatments need physical interaction between a dentist and their patient. So a question that dentists may have is “What services can I provide with teledentistry?”. Surprisingly, several dental procedures can occur virtually. Thanks to teledentistry, dentists can now conduct patient triage and emergency evaluations remotely. They can also conduct post-operative and non-emergency orthodontic evaluations. Finally, oral health classes and preventive dental care tutorials can also happen online.

How Can Teledentistry Help Dentists?

Teledentistry is of great benefit to dentists because it can increase their revenue. For many patients, a trip to their dentist’s office during normal working hours can be very inconvenient. Teledentistry allows more freedom for patients to get dental treatment at their convenience.  Dentists who offer teledentistry find that they get more bookings for dental checkups and evaluations. Office visits can be reserved for patients with severe dental problems. So dentists can use their time more efficiently and treat more patients daily.

Benefits of Teledentistry To Patients

One of the main benefits of teledentistry to patients is quick access to dental care. A patient that is in pain can get a quick diagnosis and prescription from their dentist to relieve their discomfort. Patients in remote locations or those with limited mobility can also access dental services from their homes. Teledentistry also saves patients time and money. This is because they don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the dentist or suffer long waiting times at the office.

What Technology Does Teledentistry Require?

To provide excellent teledentistry services, an office needs a good communications software platform with teledentistry features. You can get such software for as little as $50 a month, but the returns will pay for this cost many times over. Ensure that any software you choose has video conferencing, a virtual front desk and waiting room, an appointment booking system, file transfer possibilities, online payment platforms, and 24-hour customer support.

Final Word On How Teledentistry Can Help Grow Your Business

Technological advances have made it easy for dentists to treat patients remotely. This is a great development for dentistry because the need for physical dental visits has reduced.

Patients that hate going for dental checkups can now take a photo or a video of their teeth and send it to their dentist for a diagnosis. The painless process increases the number of patients opting to see dentists. Other benefits of teledentistry include shorter waiting times for patients and quicker access to prescription medicine when one is in pain.

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